Friday, September 13, 2019


Yes, money can be had. Just take the two to three minutes to read this article and learn how it has completely changed people's lives. And, as a special incentive, at the end of this article we're going to show you how to guarantee your place in this amazing , lucrative profession.

In just two weeks you could be
looking at this!
The University of Southern Far Eastern Michigan will begin it's next two week online program, E-Dentistry,  in just a few short weeks! For 12 days, 2 hours per day, you will begin your learning from some of the finest lecturers in Southern Far Eastern Michigan. Yes, the complete ins and out of dentistry. After just two weeks you will amaze your friends with the number of scheduled appointments you have booked.

Using your computer you will schedule your course hours online to fit your busy schedule. Out on a date? No problemo!! While he or she goes to take a leak, you can quickly turn on your mobile device and watch such lectures as, "Poking Around the Mouth For Oral Cancers", "Drilling Deep, Drilling Fast", "Injecting Novocaine and Not Stabbing Yourself",  "Using X-rays to Explain Anything", "Filling Cavities Poolside" or "Extracting Your First Tooth While Texting".

Just listen to what one of our satisfied graduates, D.B. of Honolulu, Hawaii has to say.

"I graduated top of my class at Brown. But, I was never fulfilled in my chosen career as a blacksmith. I just couldn't make ends meet. The days were long and hot. Imagine, 16 hours a day banging on an anvil. Luckily, a friend told me about USFEM's E-Dentistry program. Now I spend only 4 hours a day banging my anvil and 3 hours a day treating patients. And that upper body strength I developed as a blacksmith sure comes in handy".

The University of Southern Far Eastern Michigan has trained hundreds of good looking people just like yourself using the E-Dentistry's patent denied program. So, why not turn that lounging around time into suctioning blood and saliva time? And, if you pay in cash you will receive one previously owned dental drawer, a matching colored stool and 200 - 4 ounce plastic "you can spit out now" cups. So don't wait. Yes, you can keep that tired old job you have now. But instead of going to the gym after work and doing the same old spin class, open up your appointment book, fill a few cavities, earn some cash and make someone smile!

And remember, don't be fooled by imitators claiming to get you that degree in 7 days. Whether it's learning how to put on a face mask or extracting that incisor in less than three tries, you need to be properly trained. USFEM's E-Dentistry program has been fully accredited by Gooch's Greater Detroit Towing Service since 2010!

And now, here's that special incentive we told you about:  Would you like to be in next month's graduating class? Here's how. Simply make a cash donation of $350.00 to Annette Gooch's Toys For My Tots Foundation, Western Lansing, Michigan. 13579

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