Monday, September 30, 2013


Let's be honest. Don't you get tired always being the calm, quiet, philosophically grounded friend in the group? Don't you ever look over at the whiner and be just a little jealous of her whining all the time? I mean, there she is, really letting it out, not caring who sees her crying like a baby and acting like a two year old. Don't you ever see yourself like her? Really letting go of your emotions, pouting 'til the cows come home? Don't you ever want to stop analyzing everything and just say, "the hell with it" ?

This can be you in less than 2 weeks.

Well, now you can. With Whinemor pills or capsules, taken twice daily, you can be the whiner in the group. Why not get all the attention and all the pity? Go ahead, shed those crocodile tears without any effort at all and not have that feeling of embarrassment the next day!


Here's what some of our customers had to say about Whinemor:

"It was a revelation. One minute I'm walking through the mall with my friends. Then the next, I'm on the floor in front of Forever 21 with my arms around a potted plant and refusing to go another inch until someone buys me something. Well, not only did my friends buy me a sweater but later they paid for my ice cream. Thank you, Whinemor."    J.R., Bakersville, MI.

"I'm not saying nothing. It's cold in here, can't you make it warmer? Stop looking at me. And isn't it really Whinemor with an "e" at the end. What makes them so special?"    D.S., Hollywood, CA.


The Facts :

Whinemor pills or capsules, taken over a two week period, will make you the most obnoxious, self centered, whining individual ever created on God's green earth. Guaranteed to amaze your friends and befuddle your family. Divorce proceedings and disinheritance are definitely a possibility!

For best results, do not remove
suppository from outer wrapper.
Don't like swallowing pills or capsules? Whinemor is now available in powder and suppository form. Just sprinkle some Whinemor powder over your favorite snack and start feeling that the world is working against you in just minutes. Or, just one suppository carefully placed will take your whining to a whole other level, giving new meaning to the word asshole.

Whinemor Drugs, a division of Narcissistic Industries, brings you the following special offer:
Order just three bottles of Whinemor and, on a day of your choosing, one of our sales reps will come to your house and for a full 30 minutes beg you to stop whining.

WARNING: FDA regulations require us to say that:
  1. Whinemor, taken in excess of the recommended daily dose may cause such unrelenting kvetching on your part that when you die everyone will be glad to see you go and no one will come to your funeral.
  2. Should your headache go away and you start feeling better, you probably grabbed the wrong bottle.
  3. If you are a male and find that your erectile dysfunction problems go away or if you are a female and  discover a sudden deepening color to your labia, you really grabbed the wrong bottle.

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