Monday, November 11, 2013


Please be sure it's really dead before
bringing it to Tully's.
If you have a hankering for real down home roadkill barbecue, think of Tully's. And if you're cruising along in your pickup and suddenly hit some defenseless animal that was looking for it's mama, definitely think of Tully's. Just tie that critter to the
back of your rig and head on over. Tully will have your meal skinned, cleaned, gutted and cooked before you're on your second beer. And if it's not the best tasting roadkill you've ever sunk your incisors into, the next 3 week old piece of roadkill we get in is on the house! Since 1978 Tully has, what you might say, been in the recycling business long before those East Coast candy ass liberals ever heard the term.

Naturally, if you'd like to see our menu and order whats just come into the kitchen through the back door, well, it's a free country. From our crispy bacon and hash brown squirrel appetizer to our famous chocolate armadillo cake, we'll have you coming back for more. In March 2010 the Ryman County Health Department certified that 94.6% of all those who had eaten at Tully's were still alive 24 hours later! Compare that with Fat Dan's Country Store and Pit Stop out on State Road 43 where only 82% of customers survived after 24 hours. Contracting leprosy is never a problem at Tully's.

Thinking of bringing the whole family to Tully's Roadkill Barbecue? Ordering is easy. Why not ask for Tullly's Grand Buffet Feast? It's just $63.95 and feeds four to seven adults, regardless of body mass index, church affiliation or sleeping habits.


"Would you like fries with that?"

Looking to shed a few pounds? Why not try Tully's delicious (and crunchy) tit mouse grits with real pieces of Highway 73? Each week Darrell waits behind that Calvin Klein road sign up on Highway 73 eyeing each and every tit mouse as it meets its maker. When properly hit no less than five times, he scoops it up, places it in a cooler and within four hours (more if he stops at Diana's Boarding House) brings it to Tully's for your dining pleasure.

And don't forget. Tuesday is "all you can eat surprise barbecue night". It's tasty, it's delicious and it's grilled to perfection. We just aren't sure what it was. Just make sure when you get home, you count your pets. ..just a little barbecue roadkill humor there.
And speaking of home, why not take home a bottle of Tully's Original Barbecue Sauce #5? The secrets in the fresh drippings...but just let Pee Wee, our saucier, worry about that. A few shakes of Tully's #5 on your favorite food and you'll be howling at the moon just like your granddaddy did.

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