Sunday, April 7, 2013


Palo Alto, California. 2:00 pm.
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Science Research Today, one of the world's most prestigious scientific journals has retracted the paper, "Geomagnetic Wave Soundings in Determining the Weight of a Rainbow's Pot of Gold (POG)."

Felix Martin, associate editor of the journal wrote, "After many months of careful review from outside scientists, some of whom believe that Humpy Dumpty really did have a great fall, we have come to the conclusion that most of the data in this paper was falsified in order to match final weight totals with known pot of gold quantities. Many communities throughout the world, particularly the little people in Ireland, are saddened by these events. It is a pity that the scientists involved in this study cared more about their careers than today's POG's. Unfortunately, we are living in dangerous, air polluted times and without enough rainbows the POG's just may go the way of the Dodo Bird and beanstalks that reach up into the sky and into the clouds."

GSRadio caught up with Michael Ryman (no relation), associate professor of physics, quantum mechanics and taking two steps up the stairs at a time who was not involved with the research. He had this to say. "It gives a bad name to all scientists throughout the world who have made POG's their life's work. Now many of them will have to start all over again: find a rainbow, drive to the end of it, fight off the Screaming Meanies and begin their investigations again."

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