Sunday, April 14, 2013


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Las Vegas, Ne. 7:00 PM
Let's just say, "WOW!" Hitting the red carpet at the 69th Motorman's Car Convention this week is something that Ford and Starbucks have been secretly working on for almost 5 years. 400 hp., 4 wheel drive and every other interior amenity you can think of, these two giants in their field added one more. Sure to change driving as we know it, the Starchaser, as it is presently called, is the industry's first single destination vehicle, or SDV.

The concept is very simple. You seat yourself in the car, strap on your seat belt and press the ignition button. Almost instantaneously, the Starchaser's internal GPS plots the best route to the nearest Starbucks and easily guides you there. But what happen next is just brilliant. From the time the engine starts you have full control of the gas and brake. However, you will only be allowed to make a turn (change driving direction), precisely as the GPS calls it. Try to steer the car to the left when the GPS says right and you'll find yourself arm wrestling with the Terminator. No need for that, because,  in no time at all you will be parking at your closest Starbucks ordering your favorite beverage.

Then, getting back into your SDV the GPS will now allow you to drive away anywhere you want to go. Later, turn on the ignition again and it will plot the nearest Starbucks and effortlessly take you there. The computer, therefore, is simply "flipping" back and forth between one drive to a Starbucks and one to some other destination.

Yvonne Bumper, editor of Car and Screech Magazine was impressed. "This is going to be big. I'll probably order three. One to get to work, one for my podiatry appointments and one to get me home when I've had a little too much of my cough medicine."

Another car enthusiast present who would not allow us to give his name (initials LR) said this: "I had this idea years ago. Made millions. Then lost it all investing in those solar powered toothbrushes. My tongue still glows from that mistake."

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